A New Perspective A New Perspective

I never would have made it
I would have lost it all but
now I see how you were there
for me and now I'm
stronger, wiser, better, so much better
When I look back over my life I see you
were the one I held on to
I would have lost my mind if it had not
been for you but
I made it, I made it, I made it
I never would have made it without you God!

Artist's Note: Believing that you are not alone; that there is someone who understands what you have been through is paramount in overcoming hardship, especially one such as domestic violence. There are so many people who understand this experience and want to reach out to help another, just as this beautiful person, inside and out, has done through all the volunteer work she does and being part of the Bravery Project. If you know someone who still suffers, listen and let him or her know that she is not alone.