Key to Freedom Key to Freedom

For 15 years I lived in fear, control, intimidation, coercion, threats, isolation, minimizing, blame, economic abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and my children being used as pawns.

Today I live in LOVE with no fear. I will not tolerate being controlled. I laugh at intimidation, walk away from coercion, cover my ears from threats, and refuse to be isolated. I have increased my self esteem, took control of my finances. I feel very happy and find abuse in any form totally unacceptable. Now my children know what healthy and happy relationship should be with anyone.

We all now have the key to our freedom and will forever hold the key! With a new start, education, and love, I have stopped the cycle of violence in my family forever.

Artist's Note: When I met this person, I was amazed by her organization and professionalism in everything she does. She spent four years carefully planning her escape with her children and has successfully built her life of freedom. The intuitive decision to leave a upper-middle class life with her abusive husband was strong in her heart when she learned of an acquaintance who was murdered by an abusive spouse. The figure in the keyhole represents the abuser who is now behind her.