Lens of Light Lens of Light

Artist's Note: For many of these survivors, the portrait process can open some old wounds, bringing long buried feelings rushing back with a fury. This is one reason why this series is title Bravery, because these feelings are very uncomfortable and it takes a lot of courage to come forward and tell complete strangers that you were a victim of child abuse or spousal abuse or even elder abuse. This amazing woman pictured here with her camera and a very special award-winning photograph she took, survived severe family dysfunction and child abuse. Over the years she has built a prosperous life alongside a wonderful husband and raised two beautiful daughters who are doing very well. She has just recently come to terms with her past and is undergoing the healing process of recovery. The art of photography became a catalyst in her quest for peace with her past, and the beauty of her work really shows a loving, soulful, and deep feeling person. I am truly honored to have her in the Bravery as part of that recovery process.