Letting Go Letting Go

I wanted to participate in this important project is because I want the world to know that I happen to have feelings, I hurt, I have a heart, I am a human being. I have a face, a name, I am real, I have the right to live a peaceful life with out fear. I am a fortunate survivor of domestic violence.

I like the charcoal drawing because it transmits the seriousness of the cause, the same cause that nearly destroyed my life. Now that cause is part of my past. A part of my life I choose not to remember because it brings back horrible memories. Now, all I would like is to enjoy life one day at a time. Life is beautiful.

Artist's Note: I enjoyed working with this wonderful person and not just because she supplied dark chocolate during her portrait sitting, but because she really understands what it takes to move on with her life. Looking to the future, she chose the Supreme Court building in her background as a reminder of her dreams and goals of going to law school and becoming a judge some day. That's what Bravery is all about.