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Jennifer Ann Crecente was a high school honors student that was murdered by an ex-boyfriend on February 15, 2006. Our group will keep Jennifer Crecente's memory alive through good works and by fighting Teen Dating Violence.

My daughter, Jennifer Crecente died the day after Valentine's Day, 2006. She didn't die from a childhood disease and wasn't killed in a car accident.

She was murdered by a classmate. Somebody that she'd grown to know, trust and eventually date. She was murdered by somebody that had problems. Problems that at the invincible age of 18, Jennifer thought that she could overcome.

Don't you remember? In high school we are immortal. But for Jennifer Crecente and those that love her we know all too well how very painfully mortal we are. Abuse isn't a "very special episode" of our favorite television show. Problems don't disappear during the commercial break. Good, decent people that want to help out a friend are sometimes murdered in cold blood. And the bogeyman isn't always under the bed. Sometimes he's the kid that lives down the street.

Artist's Note: I took this story from the website for a couple of reasons: Drew has already written plenty about Jennifer and he is currently deep into law school with a focus on domestic violence issues like stronger accountability for abusers and advocacy for victims. His terrible ordeal with losing his only child was compounded by the lack of quality and service he was given by the legal system. He knows first hand that there is much work to be done and the reason why he has started Jennifer Ann Crecente Memorial Group to raise awareness about teen dating violence, which unfortunately is on the rise at an alarming rate. Help Bravery help proactive people like Drew by making a donation to Bravery and visiting We are so pleased to create this portrait in honor of Jennifer Ann's memory.