Lisa Continues to Live In Our Hearts Lisa Continues to Live In Our Hearts

Linda King and her husband John have been through a parent's worst nightmare...the loss of a child. Not just one, but three. John lost a son, the result of a car accident, and a daughter, the result of a violent criminal act.

Then John and Linda lost a daughter, Lisa, to an act of domestic violence. A sweet and giving personality, she was the type of person who enjoyed doing for others. When the birthday party was planned with a big homemade cake, it would be Lisa behind the scenes putting the event together and making it a special celebration. Being the athletic person, she would take her dog, Tennessee (also a victim of domestic abuse) on long 5 mile runs to stay fit. She loved being active and living life to the fullest. The news of Lisa's death was a shock as this vibrant young lady's life was cut short and for what seemed like no reason at all.

Domestic abuse is a hidden secret, but not without warning signs. It isn't enough to treat the symptoms after the fact, so Linda decided to step forward to work on prevention. With quiet assertiveness, and a calm, yet passionate voice, Linda formed and began to speak out against Domestic Violence.

Recently, Linda and John have created another unique way to reach out to the public through the arts. They have created Domestic Violence...The Musical?. This is the first of a series of live performances that teach the public about the realities of domestic violence in a manner that is enlightening, humorous, somber, and powerful. Each performance raises funds to help other nonprofits who work with victims.

Nothing will completely alleviate the pain of losing Lisa, but her memory serves as a catalyst to push forward in the quest to educate about domestic violence prevention. In a way, you could say that this exceptional person is still behind the scenes making each event a special experience, helping us all understand the issue of domestic violence and how to live life to the fullest.

Artist's Note: I have had the pleasure to know the Kings personally as well as professionally. This tragedy couldn't have happened to a nicer set of parents, who tried to do everything right. Like all the survivors in Bravery, they have taken a bad experience and turned it around to a positive and are helping others.