Looking Into A Mirror Looking Into A Mirror

Looking into a mirror, I saw the image of a child and the physical body of a worn adult holding hands together, the woman beaten mentally, psychologically, --looking tired, raggedy as if coming out of an entanglement or maze. Was this really me? Was this not a dream? There was still fear--fear of the man who was apathetic towards me. There continued to be fear that he may carry out his threat.

Time and life were colorless, scentless. It was like living in a black and white horror flick, not being able to smell the flowers. Others said it was like living in a tunnel. Others knew. There were others out there. That I knew. They also said that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. And there was...gradually. I would finally have moments of joy during the course of a week, then later they turned into minutes of joy, then hours, then days. Color and sweet aroma came back into my life. From the mouth of one who knew,...I was living again.

During this period there was always a presence of love, hope, and support. There were symbols to which I clung that represented this presence. The arc was a symbol of survival. My child and I had truly come out of this and grown. The heart means healing through love, my love towards others as well as their love and support of us. The ray denotes the spirituality that has continued to shine during the tough times and beyond. Not only is there light at the end of the tunnel, but an inner strength of the spirit that is found, always there, but only hidden previously. There is hope. We are not alone in this journey.

This is part of the whole and the path continues.

Artist's Note: Intuition is more than just an emotional voice steering you in life; it is a survival tool within all of us that encompasses our minds as well as our "gut feelings." It's an inner compass that tells us when we are in danger and we had better listen. This amazing survivor is here because she listened. Her story is not one of chaos or adrenaline filled pain; it's a steady, cold, decline into a chilling end. At first she was concerned that I would think her imagery as silly, when nothing could be further from the truth. There are intuitive messages of self-discovery in our imaginations if we would only listen.