Art With A Purpose: The Legacy Continues


In the Fall of 2007, Vickie and Tim Florschuetz brainstormed a grassroots plan to use portrait art as a positive way of helping and educating people. Bravery Project was born. Each portrait is created through a process that allows the survivors a voice. In other words, they get to choose the art medium and imagery, as well as express a narrative in their own words to share personal messages to the community. Local survivors modeled in a three-hour session, just like DaVinci did with royalty in his day. Together we created something unique that brings a message of hope and healing to the world.

Throughout the years, Bravery Project has had the pleasure of working with terrific board members, volunteers, survivors, and donors who have worked together to bring you this wonderful art series. We have experienced positive changes in the way people view this issue, how they respond, and have personally touched the lives of program participants. We know Bravery Project works. It has brought families together, encouraged victims to come forward, and helped survivors heal further, even years after the crises has ended.

We had high hopes to expand the portrait work and exhibits, however, due to funding circumstances, Bravery Project has been repurposed. Although the nonprofit is no longer operating, the mission continues as long as there are people, like you, who visit this site and share the information here. Who knows, maybe an angel will come to reinstate the nonprofit. Until then, the legacy continues.