Service to Others A New Perspective

Artist's Note: Life can certainly get in the way when it comes to balancing priorities, but this survivor has figured out what her priority is and it all started with the severe child abuse she suffered from her mother beginning at the age of 3 months. Sometimes parents can be too young and immature to handle the massive responsibilities of a child. For many reasons not everyone can make a good parent and as a society, we should remember it's one of the most important jobs we could ever have and protect children better than we do now.

In the case of this survivor, she found safety at a local church where they gave her a key so she could escape at anytime. Many nights were spent sleeping there. The love, nurturing and spiritual strength she didn't get at home was found in this sanctuary and she has never looked back. Today she has dedicated her life to God and serving others. Choosing to remain childless, she primarily works with church youth groups in teaching them the spiritual and life lessons that saved her life and healed her heart. A true role model that practices what she preaches.