White Tiger Soul White Tiger Soul

In the same way that I wear a ring to symbolize my marriage and a cross to represent my faith, I wear a tiger bracelet on my right wrist to recall the empowering belief that I made for myself: I am a clean, pure, saved woman who is worthy of God's love and forgiveness.

I am especially fond of the symbolism behind the beautifully unique and powerful creature known as the White Tiger. He exudes power and grace, careful to not let his stripes overtake or define him, but rather to serve as a constant reminder of what he has overcome. In that same way, I refuse to be defined by my past but rather to be empowered by it. I choose to use this power to make positive changes in my life and in the lives of others whom I have influence.

White Tigers are said to be survivors with extreme rare abilities to overcome their circumstances. Their gift is their beautiful uniqueness as they seek to find personal truth. To find personal truth it is necessary to first acknowledge the shadows that exist within which are represented by the dark stripes of the White Tiger.

I believe in facing personal truths free of judgment, being careful to not place the responsibility onto another. Instead, acknowledgment of personal truths comes from accepting what is revealed with an open and understanding heart, while operating with the Higher Intent to change what is ultimately painful, or no longer of service, to the growth of the individual soul along its Life Path.

Once this self-examination and soul level cleansing has been accomplished, White Tiger soul may then become the gleaming example of the gift and beauty of operating from personal truth. The White Tiger is drawn to a soul that has a powerful sense of conviction and inner strength. They are here to teach us the importance of knowing ones inner values and beliefs, and to instruct us to align the way in which we walk our path so it is in keeping with our belief system. The White Tiger is an advocate of balance, acceptance, and universal truth. As I faced struggles and disappointments in my own life, I chose not to be a victim but rather to be inspired by the White Tiger to persevere and be victorious!


Artist's Note: This portrait was a joy to work on. Not only because the survivor portrayed is just as sweet and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, but because she has a genuine sincerity that matches her words. She exudes a gentle strength and happiness that influences those around her.